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The Platinum Pledge

At Platinum Exteriors we do things a little different, we believe in traditional values like handshakes and hard work, a commitment to serving not only our clients but the communities they live in.  Our “Platinum Pledge” to is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

1) WE WILL NEVER USE PUSHY OR DISHONEST SALES TACTICS: When you invite us into your home and allow us the opportunity to earn your business we promise to educate with transparancy and experience in order to always guide and advise, never to push and manipulate. 

2) WE WILL NEVER SCAM OR DEFRAUD YOU OR YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY: We know the industry has a less than stellar reputaion, to be honest, we welcome it! let us prove to you that we will stand behind every job and show up to every commitment. We will never sell you something you dont need and only focus on the things you do.

3) WE WILL ALWAYS FOLLOW THROUGH AND FOLLOW UP: Too many times property owners get a salesman promising the world and never coming through. All too often someone will show up telling you they'll have an estimate for you in "X" number of days for roughly "Y" amount of dollars with a "Z" length of warranty only to find it takes twice as long to deliver a price 3 times as high and should you decide to give them a chance you find out the warranty only lasted till they had your money and drove out of sight. Now, algebra was never our strong suit but we know enough to see how that math doesnt add up. We believe that if we tell you we're going to do something, you can put that promise in the bank. 

At Platinum Exteriors, we understand that your home is your most valuable asset. That’s why we treat every project like it was our own. We show up on time, perform quality work, and clean up after ourselves. We take pride in what we do and value those who put their trust in us, not just before and during the project but long after the ink dries. Around here you're not another faceless customer with a checkbook, to us youre a longterm client that we hope to build with well into the future. 


-Evan Podgorski

CEO/Owner/Lisenced Roofer/Licensed Public Adjuster

man in worker's clothes at construction site

Exterior Restoration Services

Installing a roof


Chilean upper middle class neighborhood in Valdivia


Closeup of a black steel roof rain gutter on a new house with insulated wall.

Gutter Systems

Male engineers installing stand-alone solar photovoltaic panel system. Electricians mounting blue solar module on roof of modern house. Alternative energy ecological concept.

Solar Solutions

Engineer Construction painter man at work with a paint roller on the wall  In ASEAN

Painting and Coating

Worker in workshop for manufacture of windows and doors. Satisfaction after completion of work

Windows & Doors

Female architect working with a virtual apartment plan


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